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The Intermediate Experience

Pack the sun cream. No Seriously, dont forget the Factor 50.
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*Valid November / February & March

3 star Diana Park Hotel (Adult only)

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Assistance of Escape & Play and Golf Experience staff during your stay on the Costa del Sol.

Diana Park Hotel

San Pedro De Alcantarra

Diana Park Hotel

San Pedro


The Real Spanish Experience
Whether its for training, relaxing or fun its always a good idea to mix with the locals to get the real deal. San Pedro De Alcantarra is 5 minutes from Diana Park and provides just that.

An old town, with traditional Spanish tapas bars and the restaurants it has been updated to include a boulevard that stretches the full length of the village and has various modern bars, relaxation areas, parks and an amazing bridge.

Oh and the beach is 5 minutes away. Isn’t that nice.


The Locals are:

We can arrange combined training sessions or matches.

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Close To The Famous PuertO Banus

Well worth a visit to check out some of the big money, glitz and glam folk.
About 10 minutes in a taxi from Diana Park is the (in)famous Puerto Banus where Ferrari and Lamborghini are common place and the clubs will stay open all night long…and well into the morning!

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