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Kevin Lenane and Justin Parks got to know each other through their mutual love for Gaelic Games and their constant need to improve what was available to the GAA community in Andalusia and Europe.

Kevin formed Éire Óg Sevilla and Justin was heavily involved in his local club Costa Gaels and from that they were involved in the establishment and formation of the Andalusian League back in 2012.

Over the years they invited and welcomed many clubs from Ireland and beyond to Andalucia to enjoy the local area, meet the teams, help encourage growth, give teams the chance to expand team building and establish a team spirit and compete against the growing teams of the GAA in Spain.

From there they decided that they needed to expand their horizons and see what all the fuss was about and got involved in the GGE (Gaelic Games Europe) in 2017, Kevin as Coaching Officer and Justin as IT officer. While they were on the committee they saw that a there was a healthy looking market for a company that looked after the local GAA club back home that wanted to “Escape” from the rainy weather in Ireland and “Play” some ball in sunny Andalusia whilst having fun in the process.

So “escape and play” came to be, an idea born out of the need to help clubs back home play in the Sun and swap the all-weather gear for some factor 50 sun-lotion for a couple of days a year!

Kevin Lenane

Kevin Lenane

Operations Director

A dedicated professional and a eye for detail crossed with motivation and more common sense that is deserved, Kevin makes it happen. Boundless energy and a passion for GAA and sport makes it easy for him to keep it simple for everyone.

Justin Parks

Justin Parks

IT Director

With over 20 years in the digital world building wesbites, online marketing, setting up online infrastructure and developing business processes combined with a healthly(?), almost fantical (some might say) love of GAA,  Justin is the man behind all things pixelated.